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Air Watch

A specialist, mission-critical team focused on the acquisition, training and logistical management of all global aviation platforms in the defence, military and para-public sectors.


Our proven mission success experts operate in all parts of the world handling sensitive and complex projects and client requirements.  


Comprised of active pilots, former special warfare operators, aviation specialists and tactical/strategic managers, G-SAW can provide assistance and support with most global missions.


Based in Europe our global network is set up with additional bases in the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia.

A comprehensive offering of fixed-wing and rotary platforms are available for purchase or lease. A wide range of both civilian and military aeroplanes and helicopters are available.

Please contact us so we can better understand your mission requirements.

Aircraft Purchase and Leasing

Individual, group and cargo global charter services are available on short notice and are available anywhere in the world.


We have a fleet of helicopters, cargo aircraft, VVIP jets and reliable turboprop aircraft all available on short notice as part of our G-SAW Charter Services.

Charter Services

We go in where many will not. We offer a rapid response service to get casualties out of remote hot zones both in-country and internationally to get patients to the higher level of medical care they need.


From helicopter rapid extract to short/rough airfields, our fleet has the range to meet all mission parameters.

Medevac-medical evacuation

Aerial firefighting to attack wildfires is now available by our team of experienced water bomber pilots and aircraft.


Tactical attacks via our helicopters with Bambi buckets or larger air tankers allow us to offer resources in remote and urban areas.

Fire Bombers

From surveillance to surveys we have every type of drone available with the expertise to deploy in all settings and situations.


Our team of operators have trained with a number of military UAV platforms that are all mission-specific.


The deployment of humanitarian aid is a specialist service that G-SAW takes great pride in delivering.


Whether it is supplies, equipment, engineers or medical personnel there is no area too remote that we can’t get into.


Many of our aircraft types due to the nature of their mission require specialist MRO support in some remote locations along with major city hubs.


We can help with your MRO mission-critical requirements.

MRO Network

Sensitive global courier services requiring a degree of discretion and high-level protection for secure and valuable items are now available using our own internal G-SAW team.

Secure Courier Services (SCS)

Pilot, engineer and specialist operator training is available on most of our aviation platforms and can be done anywhere in the world.


Whether it is ground school (TKI), simulator (FTD) based or in the actual aircraft, we can support all levels of aviation training including ab-initio.


Setting up or maintaining existing aviation infrastructure with personnel and specialist equipment requires the right team and strategic approach, GSAW can help with your requirements.

Logistical Support

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